Studentennetztreffen 2019

You can find the announcement email here


We've found a new shortcut for SNT'19 - not Simple Network Management Protocol but Student Network Meetup Pressburg ;-)

Time\Day Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:00 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
+ travel snack
10:00 Transport to Slovak academy of sciences City Tour Checkout
Free program
11:00 Lectures
14:00 Arrival
of attendees
Transport to Hotel Suza Lunch
@ Craft BEER Gallery
15:00 Lunch
16:00 Ynet tour
Mlynska Dolina
17:00 Museum of transportation
18:00 Opening
Ynet presentation
Dinner → Grill Party
19:00 Dinner Return to Mlada Garda
20:00 Club presentations
I. block
Club presentations
II. block
SNT Talks
Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast buffet buffet buffet
Lunch Soup: Carrot cream with ginger Soup: Chicken soup
Veg: Vegetable soup
Baquettes to go
Turkey steaks with smoked cheese and basil w/ mashed potatoes Pork steak on black beer /w steamed rice and vegetables
Veg: Homemade pasta with parmegano and ratatouille VEG: Fried zucchini in panko and sesame /w boiled potatoes and herb dressing
Dinner Soup: Vegetable soup Pizza
tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, corn
tomatoes, cheese, bacon, sausage, onion
tomatoes, cheese, quatro formaggi
Grill party
BBQ ribs
Persian chicken shashlik
Sous vide pork steak with thyme
veg: Grilled brie with vegetables
Chicken gordon w/ baked rosemary potatoes
VEG:Grilled smoked cheese w/ baked rosemary potatoes

Club presentations

Every club should prepare quick presentation of your club ( around 5 minutes ), what changed or what you have new since last year. If you are first attending SNT, please include some details about your club/network/processes, but keep it short :)

Please send us the presentation slides at least one day before SNT (14.8.2019) to (Subject: Club name presentation)

Accommodation will be provided at Mlada Garda dormitory. Dorm is located on street “Račianska 103”. Google maps
More details about accommodation, room equipment, beds etc will be here later.

Check our drawing card how to get dorm Mladá Garda by public transport: Tickets for public transport are valid for a certain period of time and are available from ticket-machines or kiosks. They must be validated once inside the first tram/bus. Tickets are valid for all means of public transport in the city and remain valid when changing from one means of transport to another. Tickets have a minimum validity of 15 minutes and the longest is 7 days.

Example of tickets

Map of public transport

Map of public transport in Bratislava can be found here: External Link

Travelling a your own?

We suggest to use this website/mobile app to find public transport timetables if you want to wonder around the city at your own: External Link

At airport take bus 61 to bus stop “Račianske mýto” and then go back 50m, after crossing tram rails take tram 3 (direction Rača) to tram stop “Mladá Garda”. Transfer takes about 35 minutes, you should buy at the airport 60min public transport ticket.

Picture 1 - map of airport, Picture 2 - transfer station “Račianske mýto”

At main train station take tram 2 to the “Blumentál” station and then wait at same side of station for the tram 3 (direction Rača) to “Mladá Garda” station. Transfer takes about 20 minutes, you should buy at the station 30min public transport ticket.

Alternatively take bus 61 or trolley 201 (alternatively trolley 210) to the “Račianske mýto” station and then take tram 3 (direction Rača) to tram stop “Mladá Garda”.

Picture 1 - map of train station, Picture 2 - transfer station “Račianske mýto”

Bus station is in reconstruction - temporary bus station is located closely to original station. At alternate place take bus 21 (direction Devínska Nová Ves) to station “Račianske mýto” and then take tram 3 to the “Mladá Garda” station. Transfer takes about 20 minutes, you should buy at the station 30min public transport ticket.


If you are travelling with car, you can park here (N48.177578, E17.127514)


5€ Taxi (0918 555 555) You can use Bolt,Uber or Hopin


Country City Club Registrations
Slovakia Bratislava Ynet 15+ event organizers
Zilina Internet Klub 6
Kosice PC Klub Bozeny Nemcovej 1 2
PC Klub J9 6
PC Klub J13 2
Czech Republic Prague Silicon Hill 10
Sincoolka 1
Germany Karlsruhe Steinbuch Centre for Computing at KIT 3
Domus7 1
Chemnitz Chemnitzer StudentenNEtz 6
Göttingen Kellnerweg dormitory 4
Freiberg StuNet Freiberg 3
Dresden AG DSN 15
Stuttgart Selfnet 10
Ilmenau FeM 6
Munich StuStaNet 5
Erlangen Rommelwood 6
France Multiple cities FedeRez 4